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Logo design Newcastle – We equip small business owners with clear brand strategy and vision.

Brand identity is what you often think of when you think of branding. This is your externally facing image and all the components included within that. For example, your brand identity would be your logo, brand colors and website (just to name a few). In other words, your brand identity is the “look and feel” of your brand.

Your purpose, mission and values are all different components of your brand, and they should all work together to tell a larger story about who you are and what you do. Your purpose is what you do and what you can promise your customers, your mission is the larger goal you hope to achieve through doing business and your values are what your brand represents.

Your brand messaging is the voice of the brand. Just like the brand identity, the messaging helps you connect with your customer base to deliver a better experience. It’s the language you use on your website, in social media posts and in conversations with your customers.

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Our new logo design has helped us triple our customer base in just 6 months.



Building Trust in a Post-Pandemic Marketplace

Consistency will be the most important activity for business going forward.


Marketing begins with knowing your customer segment.


You are competing with the last best experience your customer had.


Build lasting relationships with customers, founded on trust.

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Your business flourishes when your customers have an amazing experience. Therefore, it’s hugely important to focus on ‘why’ they choose you.

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Invest in your logo design and brand identity to increase your sales

It’s difficult to measure the effectiveness of of your investments in branding. We have tried and tested methods to make your brand invincible.

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Logo Design Newcastle

Grow Your Online Business Strategically, and Improve Customer Retention.

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“When consumers have less to spend they have to be very particular about where they spend. A company’s brand is often the only differentiator worth anything.”

Sandra Casey

Marketing Consultant Expert

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“Unless you offer a compelling reason to believe in you and try you, you’ll never get that opportunity. That’s what brand building is all about. It’s that simple.”

Dan Newton

Founder – Invincible Brands

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Dan Newton
Marketing Consultant Expert

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